Zimbabwe Destinations & Hotels

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country at the base of the African continent. The country has borders with Botswana 813 km, Mozambique 1,231 km, South Africa 225 km, Zambia 797 km and meets Namibia at its westernmost point. It is the 61st largest country in the world (although below average size for Africa) just larger than Japan but smaller than Paraguay, with a total area of 390,757 km², of which 3,910 km² comprises lakes and reservoirs. The country has a population of 14, 15 million. Currencies used are United States Dollars; British Pounds, Euros, Botswana Pulas and South African Rands. The GDP Per Capita is 953.38USD (World Bank 2013).

Zimbabwe is an unbeatable destination for adventure travel of all sorts. Not only are its game reserves among the most abundant and beautiful on the continent, but they also offer unusual types of safari experience that are simply unavailable anywhere else. The climate is tropical, although markedly moderated by altitude. There is a dry season, including a short cool season during the period May to September when the whole country has very little rain. The rainy season is typically a time of heavy rainfall from November to March. Zambezi forms a natural riverine boundary with Zambia; in full flood (February-April) the massive Victoria Falls on the river forms the world’s largest curtain of falling water; Lake Kariba on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border forms the world’s largest reservoir by volume (180 cu km; 43 cu mi)


HOTELS: Rainbow Towers

This 5 star hotel is located in the outskirts of Harare city. The hotel has a wide variety of facilities including a gym and health club offering massage, saunas, hair & beauty salon and a floodlit tennis court.

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HOTELS: Meikles Hotel

Meikles is Zimbabwe’s Premier Hotel, and is conveniently situated in the central business and shopping districts of Harare, overlooking Africa Unity Square and the colourful flower gardens.


HOTELS: Crown Plaza

Situated in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital city, Crowne Plaza Monomatapa combines the magical splendour of the ancient Munhumutapa Royal Empire with modern day palatial comfort. The hotel is centrally located with all rooms overlooking Harare’s Central Park.

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HOTELS: Holiday Inn Harare

The Hotel I rated a 3 star hotel in the local tourism industry. It is situated 18 km away from Harare International airport. It is located in the centre of Zimbabwe’s capital city, with parks, shopping centres, cinemas and various other attractions within close proximity.


DESTINATIONS: Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls is nestled in the province of Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe. The city is located near the world Famous Victoria Falls which lies at the eastern end while at the southern bank the Zambezi River.

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Lake Kariba is a large, artificial lake situated on the Zambezi River in Kariba, Zimbabwe. Home to several islands like Chete Island, Sekula and Chikanka, it is a unique place with outstanding natural beauty.


DESTINATIONS: Eastern Highlands

The Eastern Highlands are a mountain range in eastern Zimbabwe, forming a natural barrier with the neighbouring nation of Mozambique. Lush with greenery and scenic landscape, this 300 km stretch comprises three mountain groups: Nyanga, Vumba & Chimanimani.

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DESTINATIONS: Great Zimbabwe

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins is a historical site which is well worth a visit, the stone buildings were built in the 11th century and consist entirely of stone and are one of the oldest ruins in Southern Africa.